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About us

The company

Prizfix is an initiative of A&KJ Productions, based near Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

The idea

We are convinced that in many cases the deal-making process is far from optimal. The main issue is that normally the buyer and seller have no information about each other's price bands. This makes negotiations difficult, time consuming and often lead to missed deals. And in some cases even the buyer is willing to pay a higher price than the price the seller had in mind initially (for example when buying art). Obviously there are different tools and methods to facilitate deal-making (such as bidding and auctions), however there was room for a fast and simple alternative that allows for instant price agreements.

Independence and data privacy

We are independent from any other company and act as a neutral party. We only keep data that is required to support our processes (for deal-making and administration). We will not share or publish any of your personal and deal related data. Trust and independence are the cornerstones of our service. Without that we would not exist. Consult our privacy policy for more details.

No advertisements

We don't bother you with advertisements from other companies. Therefore, apart from the free trials, we work with memberships. The revenue we generate from the paid memberships should be enough to cover our cost structure. We invest the majority of our revenues to improve and extend the functionality. We don't charge any commissions, as we only recommend the buyer and seller on a price level that would be acceptable to both parties.

Our plans

We have just launched Prizfix for testing. We have many ideas for further improvement and extension of functionality, and we evaluate feedback from the users. If you have any suggestion or comment, don't hesitate to let us know using the contact form.