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About Prizfix

Do you want to agree on a price? Prizfix is simple, efficient and safe. We are independent and determine the best price based on the price ranges (minimum and maximum) of the buyer and the seller. Of course these price ranges remain secret and are not disclosed to the other party. The price that Prizfix calculates and proposes to buyer and seller is a (non-binding) suggestion: you can decide to make the deal on the suggested price, or not.

You can try-out how the price is calculated using the simulation:

Different ways to use Prizfix

There are various ways to use Prizfix: 'on the spot', via e-mail, via an advertisement (QR code or url link) or as a broker.

'On the spot'
If you are together with the other party, you can immediately make a deal using the 'on the spot' functionality. One of the parties initiates the deal and receives a code (such as W7KL8) and a QR code. The counterparty simply scans the QR code using a smartphone or types in the 5 digit code. After that he can enter his price range. Price ranges of course remain secret to the other... Prizfix then immediately calculates a valid price and shows the result. This functionality is very useful on trade fairs, art galleries, 2nd hand markets, ....

I'm in an art-gallery and see a nice painting. I would like to buy it, but not for the indicated price.
I suggest to the gallery owner to make a price using Prizfix 'on the spot'. I enter my price range using my mobile phone:
    Fair price: 700 Euro
    Maximum price: 900 Euro
After that, Prizfix generates a QR code and a normal code: "HT5FR" in this example. The owner of the gallery enters this code on the homepage of Prizfix and fills in his price range:
    Desired price as indicated: 1000 Euro
    Fair price: 900 Euro
    Minimum price: 850 Euro
Prizfix now calculates a price that would be acceptable to both parties, given these price ranges, and without disclosing price ranges to the other party.
In this example the recommended price is: 860,00 Euro
We both agree and the deal is made!
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Via e-mail
If you are not together with the other party, but if you know the e-mail address, you provide your price range and the e-mail address of the other. The other party will receive your invite to provide his price range, after which Prizfix informs both parties on the determined price. Obviously for every deal you can include a description, a message to the counterparty and optionally up to 3 photos of what you would like to buy or sell.

I have seen a nice second hand bicycle and I want to buy it. I know the e-mail address of the seller. In Prizfix I give my price range:
    Fair price: 100 Euro
    Maximum price: 150 Euro
I submit my deal information to Prizfix and the seller automatically receives an e-mail with the request to provide his price information. The seller clicks on the link in the e-mail and enter his price range:
    Desired price: 200 Euro
    Fair price: 160 Euro
    Minimum price: 140 Euro
Prizfix now calculates a price that would be acceptable to both parties, given these price ranges, and without disclosing price ranges to the other party.
In this example the recommended price is: 142,86 Euro
We both agree and the deal is made!
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As a broker
If you are a broker and would like to facilitate dealmaking between your clients (buyers and sellers), you can initiate deals to both parties. You indicate for each deal which commission you expect (as fixed amount or percentage) and the buyer and seller define their price ranges (this information remains secret to all parties, including the broker). Prizfix then determines the price level that fits both the buyer and the seller, and takes into account the commission for the broker.

I wanted to sell my house and didn't know about Prizfix. However my broker had a subscription to Prizfix. He had an interested buyer for my house. However, the buyer was not very open about his maximum price. On my side, I hadn't really informed the broker on my minimum selling price. An ideal situation to use Prizfix!
So I received an invitation from my broker to make a deal using Prizfix. The commission I had agreed to pay the broker (in case of a deal) was a fixed fee of 500 Euro plus 1% of the sales price. In Prizfix I entered my price range:
    Desired price: 350.000 Euro
    Fair price: 325.000 Euro
    Minimum price: 295.000 Euro
I submitted my deal information to Prizfix. Also the buyer received an invitation from the broker to come to a price agreement using Prizfix.
His price range was (of course not disclosed to me nor to the broker):
    Fair price: 280.000 Euro
    Maximum price: 315.000 Euro
Prizfix calculated a price that would be acceptable to both parties, given these price ranges and taking into account the broker commission. Of course, the price ranges remain absolutely confidential, even to the broker.
In this example the recommended price was: 302.603 Euro
The commission I had to pay the broker was: 3.526 Euro
We all agreed and I sold my house!
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For marketplaces
Existing marketplaces that bring buyers and sellers together to make deals, can integrate Prizfix as an additional method to make fast deals. Apart from the traditional methods such as 'bidding' and auctions, the buyer and seller can choose to use Prizfix for an instant recommendation or agreement on price. For this, Prizfix has API's available that make the integration in the website and app of the marketplace very easy.


For all types of use, there is a 3 months free trial. Furthermore, everybody can make 5 deals per year for free using Prizfix. If you want to use Prizfix as broker, or if you would like to use it more intensively, you need to subscribe for one of the membership types that best fits your needs. See pricing for more information.

Frequently asked questions

For more information, consult our page with frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.