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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we provide answers to most common questions. In case you don't find your answer back, please contact us.

Can I use Prizfix without registration?
Yes, you can start using Prizfix without any registration. You can both 'start a deal', create an advertisement, or respond to a deal without having registered. However, when Prizfix has calculated a price for a deal, you have to register and login to retrieve the price information.

How does Prizfix determine a price?
We use a mathematical method to calculate the optimal price level, taking into account the price ranges provided by the supplier and the buyer.
The method tries to balance the 'willingness to pay' of the buyer with the level of discount the seller is prepared to give.
The method is based on the principle of complete information: as Prizfix is a neutral 3rd party, buyer and seller can provide their maximum and minimum prices, without disclosing this price information to each other. Prizfix then defines the optimal price. The method is designed such that parties cannot calculate back the price range of the counterparty.
See how it works for more details. You can also try-out how the price is calcualted using the simulation.

Does Prizfix disclose my price information to my counterparty?
No. We only share the calculated, optimal price level with both the buyer and the seller. The price range you provide is only used by Prizfix to calculate the price, but remains absolutely confidential. The same is valid for brokers: if they use Prizfix, they only will be informed about the calculated price. They will not have insight in the price ranges given by buyer and seller.

Is the calculated price binding for making a deal?
No. We only advice the buyer and seller to apply the calculated price level. Buyer and seller are still free not to make the deal.

Can parties 'fish' for the price levels of the counterparty, by providing a series of bids?
No, in principle not. We have implemented a series of measures to avoid that the buyer or seller 'tries' a price range, and when no price could be calculated, stretches his range a bit and tries again. When member subscribe, they agree with the Prizfix usage policy that forbids this behaviour. We also have implemented checks and alert mechanisms to avoid eventual abuse.

Can I upload photo's to my deal information or advertisement?
Yes, for every deal up to 3 photos can be uploaded. Before upload, we automatically resize the photo's to avoid long upload times for large photos with high resolution.

What is the difference between a deal made 'on the spot' and 'via e-mail'?
You can use an 'on the spot' deal when you are together with your counterparty. In this case the procedure is simplified, and can be easily handled using a mobile phone.
When you are not together with your counterparty you choose to initiate a deal 'via e-mail'. In this case you should only know the e-mail address of your counterparty. Your counterparty is informed by mail about your intent to buy or sell.

What is the difference between a deal 'via e-mail' and an advertisement?
You can use Prizfix for advertisements that you publish. Prizfix provides a QR-code and an url-link. You can print the QR-code on your paper advertisement, or include it as picture in an online advertisement. For online advertisements you can also use the url-link. The QR-code can be scanned by anybody who sees the advertisement to react and provide his bid information.
You use 'via e-mail' if you don't use a general advertisement, but directly want to make a deal with somebody else. In that case you need to know the e-mail address of the counterparty.

Can Prizfix be used in combination with online marketplaces?
Yes. There are multiple ways Prizfix can be used in combination with online marketplaces.
  • If you have the e-mail address of the other party, you can simple use the 'via e-mail' functionality of Prizfix to contact the other party and come to a price agreement
  • You can initiate an 'advertisement' on Prizfix, and integrate the url link provided by Prizfix in your online advertisement on the online marketplace. Other parties can react using Prizfix using the link.
  • Online marketplaces can fully integrate Prizfix in their online solutions (website and apps). The Prizfix functionality is then added to the functionality of the online marketplace. Online marketplaces interested in this approach can contact us to obtain the technical details. Integration of Prizfix by 3rd party marketplaces is free.
Is my data safe with Prizfix?
We are independent from any other company and act as a neutral party. Without that independence we would not be trusted and therefore not be able to exist. Trust and independence are the cornerstones of our service. We only keep data that is required to support our processes (for deal-making and administration). We will not share or publish any of your personal and deal related data, applying security standards (such as SSL) to protect your data. Also we don't store your password (we store the hashed value, so hackers cannot retrieve your passwords even if they would obtain access to our database). Obviously we have implemented a variety of security measures to safeguard your data. All data is stored in the European Union. Consult our privacy policy for more details.

Does Prizfix charge a fee or commission on my deals?
No, Prizfix doesn't charge any fees or commissions for deals made. After the free trial, users can choose between one of the memberships, depending on the needs. For incidental users (up to 5 deals per year, the membership remains free). For other users and brokers we charge membership fees as we don't want to bother you with advertisements. We invest the membership fees in further product development, data security and marketing. See pricing for more details on the membership formulas.

Didn't you find the answer to your question? Contact us!